It’s my little world where i showcase my imaginations coming into reality. I have an exciting new project in the works that i want to tell you about, but before i spill those details, let me introduce myself.

I am Brenda and I’m an everyday girl from Nigeria and a hoarder of Beauty products. It’s my own form of therapy.

It’s not a secret that women/ men want to look and feel beautiful. We go about achieving this outcome in many different ways; through products, lotions & potions, through procedures & treatments and through fads & trends that have convinced us that in one way or the other, these solutions will allow us to reach our goal.

So how then, can we achieve true beauty?   Firstly, we need to welcome age & imperfections. why? Even the most beautiful people want to look better. the most celebrated & stunning celebrities wish they had smaller pores or different nose or tighter skin. The people we put on a pedestal see the same imperfections in themselves that we see in ourselves. So our first step to being truly beautiful is to embrace the things that makes us different. The second is to understand that achieving true beauty isn’t just about what you put on your face. It’s about whole beauty; which comprised of three segments; the MIND , the BODY & the SKIN.

I will admit that this blog would be largely dedicated to lifestyle, entries on things such as beauty shopping hauls, products unboxing /reviews. Basically, this blog is supposed to be fun and informative, not just for me of course, but mainly for you all.

In addition, you can also find me on other social network such as Instagram & Twitter @kyrielsworld

I would love to hear from all of you , so feel free to comment and subscribe and i’m always open for products suggestion.

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