Want to have Kyriel’s World Products in your retail or online store? Kyriel’s World uses ‘Selective Distribution’ strategy. Please read the below requirements and use the form on this page to submit your application for approval.

Based on a promotional strategy and a form of encouragement to would-be distributors nationwide we have introduced three types of distributorship.

  • Sub- distributor: this requires that you purchase varieties of Kyriel’sworld products of not less that N100k — N250K and enjoy a 20% discount and other benefits. This quantity will assist you to do a market survey to know more about the products and subsequently concentrated on the products preferable to your area. The company can arrange transportation of your goods should you need our services.
  • Big distributors: this requires you to have financial capacity of N300k — N550K to enjoy exclusive 20% discount and enjoy free delivery to your location nationwide
  • sole/exclusive distributor: this requires minimum investment of N600k — N1million to enjoy exclusive right to sell our products in any location and in addition will enjoy rebate/bonuses after meeting certain targets quarterly, and also enjoy free delivery to your location nationwide.

What You Need to Know

Before you proceed to filling application form, do take time to digest the information below.

  1. Becoming a distributor of our product gives you the privilege of preference and privileges which includes receiving stock on demand and at distributors rate.
  2. Distributor’s Application Form is and remains the property of Kyriel’s World Global Investment Ltd. ( KWGIL). We accept no liability for the dissemination of information provided on this form, or the consequences of any action taken on the basis of the information provided.
  3. Prospective Distributors should note that any information provided on The Form shall be subjected to further scrutiny and the result of which may lead to the grant of or withdrawal of distributorship rights previously conferred upon initial background checks.
  4. Please be informed that completion of The Form does not create a contractual obligation of either party. Further development will be communicated to you in due course after proper review of your application.
  5. Please, note that all information in this application will be treated as confidential but we reserve the right to make inquiries regarding your status.
  6. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us through any of our contact media, preferable by call or Whatsapp.
  7. We shall maintain correspondence with you through any of your contact details provided on your submitted application.
  8. As a result of (8) above, ensure ensure every information you provide are accurate. The period of review and subsequent granting of your request depends largely on the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide on the form.

  • Complete online application
  • Additional documentation may be requested
  • All retailers, distributors and stockist are responsible for securing and maintaining appropriate country, state and/or local permits, licenses, and certificates when required by your country, state, region, or city. It is also strongly urged you maintain your own insurances where needed. Kyriel’sworld does not accept responsibility for the lack of the mentioned documentation.

Application Process

Incomplete applications will delay processing.

Allow 3-4 business days for your application to be processed and approved.

You will be notified via email and mail within 72 hours of your application being approved.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping is generally accessed based on weight and destination, unless you have your own shipping account. DHL, FedEX or GIGGO will be used to determine shipping amount.

Please, be ready to provide further information and/or documents upon request.
Certain you understand all that is written above?

Then proceed to communicating interest by filling the form by choosing any of the options below


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